SW Portland, Oregon

SW Portland, Oregon

This project showcases the potential of our geothermal systems for small properties.

For this home in Southwest Portland, Oregon, Geonomic replaced an aging oil furnace with a 3-ton horizontally bored ground heat exchanger in an area of roughly 3′ x 6′ – only 18 square feet.

The loop install was completed in under three days, with minimal impact on the homeowners everyday routines.

With the new geothermal system in place, this home will use roughly 80% less energy for heating and cooling, without any need for fossil fuels – and that translates to significant savings in energy costs.

A great additional benefit for the homeowners is that they now have a cooling system for the hot summer days, without adding on an air conditioning unit.

Coupled with a solar photovoltaic, his project lowered carbon emissions by nearly 7 tons of CO2 every year, about as much as permanently removing two family cars from the road.

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