Ridgefield, Washington

Ridgefield, Washington

This remodeling project in Ridgefield, Washington, was completed on a tight budget and designed to save the owner over 50% in annual heating and cooling costs.

Replacing an unreliable natural gas furnace and air conditioning, Geonimic used a five-ton geothermal heat pump with a horizontally trenched ground source heat exchanger to cover the property’s entire heating and cooling demands.

With an eye on the project’s budget, the homeowner took advantage of the option to reduce installation costs by digging and backfilling his own trenches. Rebates and incentives also helped keep costs to the owner low: 30% of the entire system cost can be refunded through federal rebates, and in a $2,000 cash rebate was available through Clark Country PUD.

Horizontal ground heat exchangers like the ones used in this remodel are the least expensive installation method, which makes them a great choice for larger plots of land and most new construction projects – and they perform just as efficiently as any other geothermal system installation.

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