Happy Valley, Oregon

Happy Valley, Oregon

Replacing an existing furnace and air conditioning unit, this residence in Happy Valley, Oregon, can expect significantly lower heating and cooling costs.

Geonomic installed a horizontally bored 4-ton ground heat exchanger in the property’s backyard, exactly where the old system was located. It features a TruZone control board, which allows the owner to choose different temperatures in different parts of the home.

The system is ready to cover the residence’s entire hearing and cooling demands. Compared to the previous system, the new geothermal one is saving the owners more than 50% of their annual heating, cooling, and hot water bills.

A little known fact about the 30% federal rebate available for all geothermal heat pump installation: it covers everything associated with the install. As part of this remodel, the owner was able to include a landscaping renovation. With the grass fully grown in, the new geothermal system will discreetly heat and cool the home, while the owner’s kids literally play on top of it in the backyard.

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