Intelligent upgrades. 

Cost savings, comfort & environmental stewardship. 

Intelligent upgrades. 

Cost savings, comfort & environmental stewardship. 

Existing Homes & Commercial Spaces

Reduce your heating & cooling costs with geothermal.

Think geothermal may not be on option for your home or business? Chances are, it is.

Geonomic has successfully designed and installed geothermal systems on small private plots in dense urban areas, as well as for large-scale commercial structures with minimal impact on the clients’ everyday activities – and for all of them, the numbers made sense.

Especially when you take advantage of the many incentives and tax credits currently available, upgrading to geothermal energy is a great long-term investment that starts paying off quickly.

The process.

Here is what to expect in a typical project timeline:

Step 1: Assess

Geonomic will begin with an onsite assessment of the property to determine the system sizing. Among the factors we consider are the insulation, number of windows, and the existing duct/radiant system.

We will also assess the soil and other site characteristics and make sure they inform the system design process.

Step 2: Design

Geonomic will design a ground heat exchanger (the ground loop) to match the specific system size and site characteristics.

Step 3: Install

The installation phase begins with drilling and trenching required for the ground heat exchanger.

We remove existing equipment that is part of the previous system and replace it with the new geothermal equipment.

Then we connect the dots: we tie the ground heat exchanger into the geothermal equipment, and the equipment into the existing duct/radiant system. If any modifications are necessary, we take care of those.

Finally, we install the new controls (typically a thermostat).

Step 4: Test

Once the installation is complete, we always test and commission the system to make sure it works perfectly.

Schedule a free assessment.

If you want to confirm whether upgrading to geothermal makes sense for your home or business, and go over the numbers with us, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment.

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