North Portland, Oregon

North Portland, Oregon

Pyxis Laboratories, an atomic spectroscopy laboratory in North Portland now completely heats and cools utilizing only onsite renewable resources.

We are excited to see that the geothermal upgrade has led to annual energy savings of more than $20,000. Pyxis calculates that the new system will pay for itself with just 4 years.

Geonomic installed a 26-ton geothermal hat pump system that uses an open source ground heat exchanger with a reinjection well, which means zero water consumption.

The building’s previous heating and cooling units were located on the rooftop. We placed the new geothermal units in an unused upstairs storage area instead, thereby protecting them from weather-related wear and tear.

Cost savings, reduction of carbon emissions and environmental impact, and greatly improved comfort for Pyxis’ workers have made this geothermal upgrade obviously worthwhile.

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