Intelligent developments.

Build cost savings & comfort into your new property.

Intelligent developments.

Build cost savings & comfort into your new property.

New Construction

Lower your energy costs. Demonstrate environmental stewardship.

Geothermal energy is an intelligent option for any type of new property, from private residences to commercial spaces.

Geonomic can work directly with the homeowner or with the architect and/or contractor to see the project through from concept to completion. We pride ourselves in being great collaborators – reliable, knowledgeable, and transparent.

We can provide:

• A complete forecast of energy costs and savings.
• Recommendations for effective use of geothermal and solar technologies.
• Total system planning to the specifics of your property and facility, employees and customers.
• All paperwork and processing for permits and licensure.
• Management of federal and state tax rebates.
• Management and execution of all phases of installation.
• Complete system testing and monitoring.
• Press kit to use in announcing your switch to geothermal.

The process.

Step 1: Assess

Geonomic will begin with an assessment of the building plans to determine the appropriate system sizing. Among the factors we take into consideration are the insulation, number of windows, floorplan, and occupancy load.

We will also assess the soil and site characteristics.

Step 2: Design

Informed by the assessment data, we will design the ground heat exchanger (the ground loop) and the distribution system.

Step 3: Install

Geonomic then begins installation by drilling and/or trenching for the ground heat exchanger. We will pressure test it, and then install the distribution system and the geothermal equipment.

To connect all system components, we will tie the ground heat exchanger into the geothermal equipment and the equipment to the duct/radiant system.

As the final part of this step, we will install the controls, typically thermostats.

Step 4: Test

Upon completion of the installation, we will test and commission the system to ensure its performance.

Schedule a free assessment.

To confirm whether geothermal makes financial and environmental sense for your new construction project, contact us to schedule a free, no obligation assessment.

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